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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Room Ideas

   One of my favorite things to do lately is to watch room tours on Youtube. These show me a lot of ideas and tips about how to keep my room in good shape.

  Here is a picture of my super girly bedroom : )

   Here are some easy ways to keep your room clean...

- Clean out any junk draws
- Have a certain area for just hair and makeup
- Use organizers for any office supplies( I got a cute zebra one for my desk at Home Goods)
- Use hanging shoe holders (Saves me a lot of space.. I got mine from Target)
- Clean out closet by getting rid of clothes & color coding
- Fold all bottoms, swimwear, pj's.. & place into draws
- Use laundry basket (obviously)
- Give away anything you don't need or use in my room. 

Whooo! <3 haha

I have a certain area just for my jewelry ( plus tote bag & hair flowers ) so here is a picture of it...

   I'm almost always on my laptop but I like to keep it on my desk. My room is very small though so I don't have much space leaving it pretty crowded. But I keep makeup, hair supplies, books, bath and body spray, laptop cases... on my desk anyways : )

So here is a picture of my entire desk...

   Some other things I like to keep in my bedroom is candles and flowers because they make it look and smell a lot nicer. But I like to keep my fake flowers on my desk and real flowers on my bedside table near my window. 
So here is a photo of some flowers ( along with my book and magazine box & tissue box ) ...

  Okay, I think that is about it. Hope you enjoyed this and maybe even helped you out a little. Until next time..

          Em <3


  1. Your room is totally adorable, I would love a room like that! Mine is French themed, but could use a few of the things you have as well, such as coat hangers on the wall for my purses. That's a great idea, because it's convenient and artsy!